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Hi, I am Joe Holmes and I have the largest unbiased web site in the world that collects scientific research about herbs and health.
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I have evaluated scientific reports about weight loss and discovered that diets often harm the body and are not the answer.

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Learn the LSFT process that
can remove negative
emotions from your life.

  • Weight is regulated by hormones produced by the adrenals, thyroid pituitary, digestive system and emotions.
  • Emotions are the primary regulator of our weight.
    • If we have abuse or trauma, our emotions cause obesity to protect us.
  • Diets that lose weight and then it comes back are due to;
    • Emotions that prevent complete love of ourselves and others.
    • Diets that restrict certain foods, often lack proper nutrition and stress our organs and body.
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"Obesity in the United States has been
increasingly cited as a major health issue
in recent decades."
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The missing link is that if, your body is stressed with unresolved emotions,
oxidants or toxins it cannot lose weight!

Diets usually add to the stress.

Diets are one of the hottest selling products, yet if they worked the worlds obesity would have disappeared years ago.